NKG Corporation (hereafter called “NKG”) is one of the few specialized manufacturers of industrial fans in Japan that carries out Engineering, manufacture, and installation. We develop highly efficient Power Saving Fans placing emphasis on high performance and low power consumption.

NKG has acquired certification for Quality Management system ISO9001.
During the production process, we carry out inspections conforming to ISO9001 to ensure correct manufacturing and quality control, and also perform ongoing improvement activities.

In recent years, we have been receiving many requests from overseas customers regarding our Power Saving Fans which already have a excellence reputation in the world. Demands from the large markets of Asia, particularly China, and also the Middle East are steadily increasing. Because quality control standards and international standard, we are required to have more detailed knowledge than that demanded by Japanese customers alone. NKG are actively engaged in complex design of fans for overseas customers as well, and are striving to improve our knowledge and technology in order to obtain a solid foothold in overseas markets.

Green-House Effect continues to progress,we aim at a climate change action by providing POWER SAVING FAN.

There is reduction of CO2 emissions by reducing electric power consumption. Energy savings of several hundreds to ten thousand of US $ of total power cost directly lead to conservation and improvement of climate change. Also, reduction of CO2 emission is 40 to 400t-CO2.
NKG's stance is to review customer request and speafication and guarantee a secure power-saving effect at the proposal stage.
We are proud that NKG can provide each company with effective power savings and a sound plant working environment and contribute to a bright future ahead through Climate Change Action.